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Codes Standards and Safety

Chair: Jim Duffy 

To advise and recommend to the President and the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to codes, standards and safety as it pertains to the vertical transportation industry. 


Dinner Dance

Chair: Bobby DeFrancesco 

Advise the President and Board of Directors on the schedule of events for our annual dinner dance. The dinner dance is historically our most productive fundraiser.



Chair: Ken Breglio and Brayan Casas 

To prepare budgets, recommend investments and advise the Board of Directors on matters of dues, fund raising and expenditures. The Treasurer shall be a permanent member of this committee.



Chair: Ken Breglio 

This committee will be responsible for representing the Conference on industry related committees and associations. A representative will be selected by the Board of Directors in compliance with the requirements of the committee or association granting the Conference representation.


Meetings and Protocol

Chair: Bobby DeFrancesco 

To formulate a suitable program for the annual meeting and supervise its execution along with establishing protocol procedures. The Vice-President shall be a permanent member on this committee.



Chair:  Jack Morgan

To solicit and recommend to the Board of Directors on acceptance or rejections for membership.


NYC Department of Buildings

Chair: Jim Duffy  

This Committee is responsible to represent ECNY membership on the NYC DOB Advisory, Code and Accident Investigation committees.



Chair: Brayan Casas

This committee shall advise on and plan the future development of the Conference. This committee is to be established as requested by the President at time intervals not to exceed five (5) years. A full report will be made to the Board of Directors and to the membership.



Chair: Ken Breglio 

This Committee is responsible for receiving and rating the scholarship applications. The committee presents the award at our annual meeting.



Chair: Greg DeCola

To advise and recommend to the President and the Board of Directors on all available information and technical matters related to the vertical transportation industry. To acquire speakers and locations for Conference meetings, and assist the President in setting up the meeting agendas.



Chair: Brayan Casas

This committee has the task of creating and updating this website.