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About ECNY

To promote, foster and advance in every lawful manner, the common interest and goals of those engaged in the vertical transportation industry, also known as the Industry; to encourage, increase and advance fellowship, cooperation and mutual interest among manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, inspectors, public employees and field personnel engaged in the industry; to inform those in the vertical transportation industry and the general public on the safety and operation of all vertical transportation; to organize, hold and conduct meetings, discussions, lectures, seminars and forums on issues affecting the vertical transportation industry; to acquire, assemble, preserve and distribute educational and informational literature in connection with improving safety and the overall operation of vertical transportation systems; to maintain, develop, improve and enhance the standards, practices, and ethics of those engaged in the Industry; to aid, assist, cooperate and otherwise engage in concerted action with private and governmental agencies, organizations and institutions on all issues involving the common interests and goals of those engaged in the vertical transportation industry.


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