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About Torin Drive International

Established in 2008, Torin Drive North America has been a leading provider of elevator
components and services tailored to meet the unique demands of the North American
market. Based in Memphis, TN, our 200,000 square foot headquarters serves as the hub
for our innovative solutions.

We specialize in Torin Drive Geared and Gearless machines, A17 compliant and CSA
certified for the utmost safety and quality. Our expertise extends to custom engineering
with tailored solutions for modernization. Additional offerings include Bedplates,
Deflectors, Rope Guards, Wire Ropes, and more.

With our warehouse stocked with popular machines and replacement parts, we prioritize
efficiency and reduced lead times. Our 36,000+ car install base across North America
attests to our reliability and market presence.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals ensures comprehensive technical
support. Fully insured and licensed in the US, we’re committed to offering the best
products and services specifically designed and rigorously tested for the North American
market. Contact us for quoting, custom engineering design, and order assistance via
phone or email.

Products & Services

Primary Company Location
4949 E. Raines Rd
(877) 622-2888
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