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About Qameleon Technology

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QarVision™ is a complete enterprise-scale remote monitoring system based on elevator performance. It works with any elevator, old or new, from any manufacturer. QarVision™ is ideal for transit systems, educational campuses, medical facilities, and any large installations of many different types of elevators. QarVision™ is based on 4 guiding principals.

Time-critical Information:     Real-time analysis of independent sensor data tells you as quickly as possible of a potential problem. Your riders depend on your elevators’ availability.

End-to-End Comprehensive:      From sensors to communications to real-time display to analysis tools to integration with your vital data systems.

Security:     Designed for data security and integrity. Created with government and corporate IT support. Under your control, not in the cloud.

Survivability:    Weatherproof hardware for hot, cold, wet, and dusty environments.

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