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About National Elevator Cab & Door Corp.

National Elevator Cab and Door Corporation produces, installs, and supplies the highest class of elevator cabs in the industry. Owners, architects, and contractors alike depend on National's exceptional craftsmanship and incomparable product; no matter the intricacy of design or complexity of construction, National answers the call.

Our reputation for capacity and creativity is affirmed by our esteemed clientele, state-of-the-art products, contemporary ideas, and cutting-edge solutions to timeless problems; our work, along with our elevated standards of excellence, have made National the most paramount supplier and largest cab and door company in the Northeast.

Products & Services

  • Elevator Cabs - New & Remodel
  • Elevator Cab & Hoistway Doors
  • Hoistway Entrance Frames - Standard & Custom
  • Elevator Cab, Hall & Lobby Fixtures - Operating
  • Custom Fabricated Finishes, Components & Fixtures - Architectural Products
  • Standard Cab, Door & Entrance Components/Products
  • Field Installation of Cab Finishes

Primary Company Location
63 Flushing Avenue
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Member Employees

  • Ian LaMalfa

  • John Farella

  • Jeremy Graham

  • Oren Nusblat

  • Randy Antonia Lott

  • Tony Santiago

  • Travis King

  • Lauren Wylie

  • Jeff Friedman